Saturday, April 1, 2017

Scam review of are they really scam or legit? is the leading bitcoin mining industry they have the good mining power which is backed up by the physical miners.They have the latest algorithms allows making as much bitcoins as possible.They have provided the easiest way to make money without having any staffs.

They also have the Data centers around the globe, and they keep all the bills down and mining the power high.And their data centers are located in Europe, chinaUChina with the dedicated Uplinks and 99% are always uptime.

How to start with the

Its so simple to start with the just hit this signup link which has no registration free and free to join and earn bitcoins for free You can generate 0.0006 BTC every day without investments.

Is there any Upgrade the Bitminer to premium & earn more?

Yes they do have 4 versions to earn more by upgrading to premium:

Version 1: Earning rate x2 80 Sato per minute 0.0012 BTC per day

Version 2: Earning rate x25 1000 Sato per minute 0.015 BTC per day

Version 3: Earning rate x250 10000 Sato per minute 0.15 BTC per day

Version 4: Earning rate x1750 70000 Sato per minute 1 BTC per day

What is the minimum amount to withdraw at

Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.005 BTC. Minimal upgrade amount is 0.01 BTC.

What does the referral program works at

Here you can earn well like  20% to 100% every time your referral gets upgrade depending on your BitMiner version. If you have BitMiner V1.0 - your profil will be 20%, 30% for V1.1, 40% for V1.2, 50% for V1.3 and 100% for V1.4

Site status: Scam site don't invest  

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