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Hospitality Social Media Marketing News

It's just been two weeks since we sent our last social media update newsletter, and so much has already changed. Keep reading to see what these changes mean for hotels and resorts in the hospitality industry, and don't forget to keep an eye out for biweekly updates moving forward! We don't want you to miss a single thing that could improve your hotel's social performance, so we'll be compiling bi-weekly lists of the most important changes happening on social media and how it will affect the hospitality industry.
Instagram New Working Hashtags & Account Links in Bios
Instagram just released a new feature that allows users to attach links and actual, working hashtags to your profile. Many hotels will feature their branded hashtag in their profile, and now this will allow you to make that hashtag clickable.When it comes to the account links, you'll be able to put links to other Instagram accounts in your resort's bio. This includes linking to your hotel or resort's other Instagram accounts.
How Hotels Should Use This Feature
There's two parts to this new update, and we're going to break down what both mean for hotels and resorts.
Being able to add an actual, clickable hashtag to your profile is a big deal, especially if your resort gets a lot of user-generated content. Imagine having a potential guest click on that hashtag and see not only posts that you've shared, but pictures of and videos of smiling guests enjoying splashing around in your oversized pool or raving about their spa weekend. This is immensely more persuasive what even the most talented strategists could create on their own.
The account links also give hotels and resorts a distinct edge. Now, you can send users to other sister resorts and hotels if applicable. If your resort has separate accounts for your restaurant, spa, and/or wedding venue, this feature also gives you an excellent opportunity to promote those from your main profile, too. This will boost followers across the board on all accounts, and make your marketing seem a little more seamless.
Hospitality Social Media Marketing News
Hospitality Social Media Marketing News
Instagram's Updated Algorithm
A good while back, Instagram caused a Facebook-eque when they announced that they would be rearranging the newsfeed. Since then, users are shown content that's deemed to be most relevant to them, and it's no longer in chronological order. Instagram will be changing this back to the way it was, focusing on newer posts.
What This Means for Hotels
This is good news for hotels and resorts building up their following and engagement, as you'll no longer get dinged by the algorithms. Make sure to find your peak posting times when your users are most likely to be online so you can post accordingly and get better results. In the meantime, post plenty of Stories, which last 24 hours.
Snapchat Snapchat's Map Explore
In our last newsletter, we talked about how Snap Map was expanding. Now, the Snap Map Explore feature lets users better see what's going on around them by seeing where their friends are on the map. According to engadget, users will be able to see updates from their friends who have chosen to share their locations.
What This Means for Hotels
If your target audience is active on Snapchat, this could be a big advantage for you. Imagine having users sharing stories and locations while they're relaxing in the cabana or enjoying dinner in the resort. People at large conferences could be inspired to meet up with other attendees, for example, giving you a few extra heads during the dinner rush.
Twitter Twitter's Verification Will Soon Be More Widespread
Twitter is currently working on finding a way to scale that much-coveted blue checkmark, making verification more available to more users. Their verification system was originally created to help celebrities and influencers verify their identity and protect them from potential imposters or spammers. According to Business Insider, plan is to allow all users to access this feature to prove they are, indeed, who they say they are.
What This Means for Hotels
Hotels and resorts who are not yet verified will be able to accomplish this much easier, getting a nice boost of credibility along the way. This will help customers feel more confident in who they're engaging with, increasing the likelihood that they'll reach out for help if they need it through Twitter's messaging feature.
Snapchat Snapchat's Location Data
Snapchat historically hasn't done so well with providing businesses data about how users are interacting with their content, especially when compared to Facebook. They're trying to compensate for that with their new location data, where they'll offer brands free statistics about how many users are visiting their locations.
According to AdWeek, the platform will soon be telling brands how many visitors came to their store, and how many came back at a later date. The data may even include information about demographics or users' interests.
What This Means for Hotels
Hotels and resorts are inherently location-based, and this update shows that Snapchat may be trying to take center stage as a location-based platform. This information, combined with a unique and highly engaged demographic that uses on Snapchat, could be an enormous advantage for those in the hospitality industry, especially if you want to learn more about your audience for future marketing campaigns.
Hospitality Social Media Marketing News
Hospitality Social Media Marketing News
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YouTube for android now has 'Autoplay on Home' feature

Google's online video service platform YouTube has received a new feature named 'Autoplay on Home' which plays the videos on a user's homepage in a muted state. As per some reports from the Beebom a user can locate the new feature in the Autoplay section of the app's settings menu and it allows the user to set their preference between three options including 'Always on, Wi-Fi only and Off.
The report further suggests that the 'Autoplay on Home' feature will only play the muted videos on YoutTube's home screen and it will not work on video search and subscriber pages. However, the feature is not being rolled out to the masses as of yet and the feature is said to be tested among a closed group of users. That said about the Autoplay feature for YouTube, we will keep you updated with the further information related to this feature so stay tuned with us.
Also, in one of our recent articles related to Google, we covered that, Google has recently made it easy for its user base to use emoji on desktops. We all might have seen that the desktop operating systems today have a way to bring up a special emoji/symbols which are usually hidden behind a key combination, however, it's not very accessible for the average user. Read the complete story here.
We also covered Google is working on a Drag and Drop links in Chrome for Android. As per some reports from the web, Google is testing a gesture to drag and drop links in Google Chrome for Android. Google is testing the new feature whose title is 'Implement touch drag drop link element behind a flag' and it will allow a user to drag and move the link or a specific image in the Chrome app on Android. Read the complete story here
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Bought bitcoin last year? Here’s how to save money on your crypto taxes

Last month the IRS issued a serious warning through a press release to anyone that does not pay taxes on their cryptocurrency profits. The statement says that “taxpayers could be subject to criminal prosecution…Anyone convicted of tax evasion is subject to a prison term of up to five years and a fine of up to $250,000.”
Unfortunately, few people understand how to account for cryptocurrency gains on their tax returns.
Why do I need to pay taxes on my crypto profits?
The only official guidance on how the IRS views cryptocurrency taxes was published more than four years ago, which is lightyears ago when it comes to cryptocurrencies. At that time, the IRS stated that “For federal tax purposes, virtual currency is treated as property [and not as a currency].” This means that we need to think of cryptocurrency transactions just as we think of stocks: We pay taxes anytime we sell a cryptocurrency and make a profit.
The IRS views any transaction with cryptocurrency as two separate transactions: a sell and a buy transaction. For example, if we used a cryptocurrency to buy any service or product, then the IRS views that transaction as a sale of the cryptocurrency and then the purchase of another asset, which could be a cup of coffee or a different cryptocurrency.
Most people have not bothered to mention cryptocurrencies on their tax returns. In 2015, which was one year after the IRS created the cryptocurrency tax rules, only 802 people mentioned cryptocurrencies at all on their tax returns; cryptocurrency company Coinbase now has more than 10 million customers. That’s more customers than Charles Schwab! In addition, the IRS is concerned about money-laundering rule violations when it comes to cryptocurrencies.
Although the IRS tax rules on cryptocurrencies seem somewhat cryptic, it’s important that cryptocurrency investors speak with their accountants and/or tax attorneys. They should not only pay taxes on the past year’s cryptocurrency profits, but in all previous years, regardless of how small the profits might have been. (But if all you have done is purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat currency (i.e., US dollars), then you don’t owe any taxes, unless you sell the cryptocurrencies at a profit.)
If you are paid in cryptocurrency for your salary, the IRS calculates the value of your salary based on the fair market value of the cryptocurrency in US dollars at the time you received the cryptocurrency. (Similar rules apply for cryptocurrency miners.) If your compensation in cryptocurrency is not documented on a W2 or a 1099, then you’ll have to speak with your accountant and/or a tax attorney on how to report this when you file taxes. (And note that if you were paid less than $600 in cryptocurrencies, the company that compensated you is not required to send you a 1099, but you still need to claim this amount on your taxes.)
Will the IRS know if you don’t declare your cryptocurrency taxes? There is a precedent from 2009 when the IRS started to collect over $10 billion in taxes from UBS account holders in Switzerland. The IRS is so serious about this issue that it recently demanded that Coinbase give the IRS transaction data on more than 10,000 Coinbase customers. This is a signal that the IRS will find a way to get customer data from many cryptocurrency wallet and exchange companies, so the best plan of action is to file and back file (if applicable) all cryptocurrency taxes.
Reducing your crypto tax bill
Here are five strategies to ensure that you are properly paying cryptocurrency taxes or minimizing the amount of taxes that you will pay on cryptocurrencies.
1: Be a long-term investor. Taxes are much lower if you own cryptocurrencies for more than one year; the IRS rewards patience. Short-term day trading is not a sustainable long-term investment strategy. Warren Buffett famously said, “The longer the view, the wiser the intention.” When Warren Buffett invests in a company, he assumes that the market will be closed for 10 years. Thinking long-term when investors do their due diligence on cryptocurrencies is a prudent strategy in most situations, as capital-gains taxes on investments held for more than one year are much lower than capital-gains taxes on investments held for less than one year.
Cryptocurrency investors should always do their own thorough research so that they won’t be tempted to sell on weakness. Another great Warren Buffett quote is that “The New York Stock Exchange is the only store in the world where consumers sell stuff when it goes on sale… Investors should be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy.” Rather than being a “renter” when it comes to cryptocurrency investment, thinking as an “owner” usually pays off in the long-run.
2: Immediately put money aside in dollars whenever you sell a cryptocurrency and make a profit (and not in another cryptocurrency). In terms of how much money in dollars to put aside when you realize a profit, it depends on two things: 1) how long you owned the cryptocurrency for, and 2) your tax bracket. In terms of how long you owned the cryptocurrency for, if you owned it for more than one year, then you pay long-term capital-gains taxes, which are either 0%, 15%, or 20%, depending on what your tax bracket is. If you owned the cryptocurrency for less than one year, then your taxes are likely much higher and potentially close to 40% depending on your tax bracket.
The worst thing a cryptocurrency investor could do is to convert from one cryptocurrency to another if the investor has made a huge profit on the initial cryptocurrency. For example, if an investor bought $1 worth of Cryptocurrency A on Jan. 1 and then converted it into Cryptocurrency B once it reached a value of $101, then the investor would be taxed on the $100 gain, as the IRS views the conversion from one cryptocurrency to another as a sale and a purchase.
Then, if we assume that the same investor’s investment in Cryptocurrency B went from a value of $101 when Cryptocurrency B was purchased in year one to a value of $1 when they sold Cryptocurrency B in year two, then the tax implications are horrific. In this example, the investor would have to pay taxes on the $100 in realized profits in year one, even though the investor lost $100 on Cryptocurrency B in year two.
If an investor lost money on the sum of all transactions in a given year, then the investor can claim a tax loss of a maximum of $3,000 per year. If the amount of the loss in a given year is more than $3,000, then the investor can recognize the additional loss in the next tax year (as long as the value of the loss it not higher than $3,000 in each year).
Similar to how taxes must be paid on dividends of publicly traded companies, if you receive additional cryptocurrencies through a “fork,” then you must pay taxes on the amount that you received. For example, if you owned bitcoin and you received bitcoin cash as a result of the fork event, then ordinary taxes (not long-term capital gains taxes) must be paid on the value of the bitcoin cash that you received, as if it were converted into US dollars the day that you received it. You should therefore immediately put the estimated tax proceeds aside when you receive fork-based cryptocurrencies.
3: Keep a detailed record of all your cryptocurrency transactions. Document all your buy and sell dates and amounts in a spreadsheet. You can also export the data from many cryptocurrency wallet and exchange websites for use in a spreadsheet. (Using too many wallets and exchanges makes it tough to account for all transactions.) Unlike financial-services companies that often send you year-end tax statements, most cryptocurrency companies don’t do this, which further complicates the tax filing process. Some companies have started to issue 1099-K tax forms, like Coinbase, who issues them to customers that transact more than 200 times per year in more than $20,000 worth of cryptocurrencies.
4: Hire a tax attorney and/or an accountant to help you file taxes. This is especially true if you think you owe back taxes, which you should definitely pay or risk paying potential massive fines and serving potential prison time too. A lot of famous people went to jail for tax reasons, like Sophia Lauren, Wesley Snipes, and the infamous Al Capone. If you think you might need more time to file your taxes past the April 17 deadline, then speak with an accountant and/or a tax attorney. Although companies like Coinbase have started to provide guidance on how much customers might owe in taxes, it is prudent to still hire an accountant and/or a tax attorney.
5: You can gift or donate your cryptocurrency and not pay taxes, if you have not sold the cryptocurrency. The process is similar to how the gifting of stocks process works. According to Schwab, when you gift a stock, the value of the gift is the fair market value when the stock has been gifted and, according to IRS guidelines, the maximum gift size for 2017 tax purposes is $14,000 per gift.
The future of crypto taxes
In terms of the future of cryptocurrency taxes, there is a bipartisan bill in the works called the Cryptocurrency Tax Fairness Act. This bill was introduced last September and might reclassify cryptocurrency as a currency, allowing Americans to not report any transactions that are under $600.
At this point, other countries are taking advantage of the strict US cryptocurrency tax rules by offering no long-term taxes in countries like Germany, and no taxes at all in countries like Denmark, Serbia, and Slovenia. It’s therefore beneficial for startups to create cryptocurrency jobs created in the aforementioned countries; this is now a jobs issue for US-based politicians.
Expect the IRS to demand a list of cryptocurrency customers and transactions from many more cryptocurrency companies in the next few years, and to use sophisticated software products to find and fine those who have not paid taxes on crypto currency gains. The US government has a decent track record of investing in artificial intelligence-based software companies that can uncover data-based patterns. For example, the US government owns a venture-capital firm called In-Q-Tel (the “Q” is literally derived from the James Bond character Q) that makes many AI-based software investments, and partners with top US venture-capital firms.
In-Q-Tel has a successful track record in investing in promising software companies like Palantir, which solves many of the world’s largest problems, like identifying security vulnerabilities and tracking down terrorists and human traffickers. Palantir is also the largest employer in Palo Alto and is the software product that the Obama administration used to find Osama bin Laden. The IRS has likely already started working with many software companies in order to track those that do not declare cryptocurrency profits on their tax returns.
The bottom line: Seek professional assistance from an accountant and/or tax attorney if you are having issues understanding how to file taxes for your cryptocurrency investments.
For more details on cryptocurrencies, please see Chris Haroun’s Complete Cryptocurrency Course, which will be published exclusively on in June 2018. Follow Chris on Twitter. Learn how to write for Quartz Ideas. We welcome your comments at [email protected]

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Basics of DASH [Explained in 3 minutes] - ScamShouters

In this video, we will be going over the basic features of DASH Coin.Dash was originally launched as XCoin in January
of 2014, rebranded as DarkCoin soon after and then in March 2015 given its current name of Dash in reference to the word "digital cash"Dash is a cryptocurrency platform focused on innovating in the areas of privacy, transaction speed, and decentralized governance Participants in the DASH ecosystem include wallet holders, who can send and receive cryptocurrency using their private & public keys.Miners, who create blocks and validate transactions through a proof-of-work algorithm Master Nodes which are unique to DASH Coin and provide an additional layer of functionality which we will look at nextMaster Nodes are participants who put up a minimum of 1000 DASH coins as collateral in order to provide additional functionality and governance to the network in exchange for a percentage of block rewards.The Master nodes facilitate Private Send, Instant Send and determine how funds in the treasury are spent 45% of Block rewards go to the Master Nodes 45% goes to miners and the remaining 10% goes into the treasury lock Rewards are split as follows.45% goes to the miners, 45% goes to the master nodes and remaining 10% percent goes to the treasury.The treasury funds can be used to fund projects which further the DASH platform.These are voted on by the master nodes.PrivateSend is an optional service offered by MasterNodes for a small fee.It mixes a sender's transactions with identical inputs from multiple users into a single transaction with several outputs.This makes directly tracing a transaction nearly impossible.Transaction amounts sent must be multiples of predetermined amounts to allow for efficient mixing.Instant Send is another optional service offered by MasterNodes for a small fee.This allows for near-instant transactions by locking transaction inputs while they await being recorded on the blockchain.Locking the inputs prevents double spending of transactions.Thank you for joining me today.If you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe.Have a wonderful day. Reviews - ScamShouters

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Dash Cryptocurrency Explained - What you didn't know about Dash Coin

Hey Friends...Today I'm going to talk about Dash Coin Review, that's not my coin brothers and sisters
welcome back to My Name is Awais  and today I want to talk
about - - was one of the biggest gainers of today and I wanted to share with you
five things you probably didn't know about - coming up now before we get
started with the video I want to let you guys know that this week's giveaway I'm
going to give away a hundred dollars to one person all you have to do - to join
the giveaway is found the link in the comments or description to my Facebook
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at the end of the week on Friday I'm going to use a random common picker and
then I'm going to check if the personal share at the post and I'm gonna
send the $100.00 in Bitcoin-like I usually do on the YouTube channel
alright let's get into the video today -one up eleven points 86% already and it
hit it's all all-time high and for that reason, I want to do a video about - here
but five things you probably didn't know about - first thing is obvious it
was developed in January 2014 under the name of the dark coin with one of its key
features dark cent which is later rebranded as private cent basically it
was a trustless mixing service making the transactions more anonymous it was
built on the Bitcoin core base making it compatible with all the exchange
merchants and wallet software that is also compatible with big point number
three the block reward is divided into three separate groups the first group is the
miners which are which accounts for 45%for security reasons the second group is
45% that goes to the master node which is for private sense and instant
since the third group is 10% and that is for the Treasury so that goes out to the
developers to marketers the auditor's number four dashes goal is to make
digital cash super simple and their slogan makes it so simple that even
your mother could do it and the way that I see it if they keep up with this I
think they have a really good shot at making it really big and right now we're
getting into more adoption with you know bitcoin and blockchain technology and me
think as soon as Dash and other coins as well kick up their marketing
campaigns and their brand name they will go really high in market capitalization
as well because for me right now I hear everybody talking about Bitcoin like a
year ago nobody really knew what it was and now everybody's an expert and the
thing is Bitcoin has done a tremendous job branding itself and big money is
going into Bitcoin right now you know you see it on Wall Street and stuff
like that but points like aetheriumripple - they don't really have this you
know most people that know about Bitcoin like the Baker the neighbor whatever
they know about Bitcoin and blockchainhowever they don't know about - so much
once they figure out that there's more to the whole cryptocurrency space than
just Bitcoin and blockchain you know the door will open for more investors to
come in and put their money in the different kinds of coins so I see good
future and - the more I learn about it the more interesting it is for me I
don't know how you guys see - do you think it's cool do you think it's
bullshit let me know in the comments I would love to have a discussion with you
I really appreciate all the comments that have been coming in next week I'm
going to do a giveaway again every every weekday on YouTube where I give away
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life don't forget to check out the recommended resources in the description
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much appreciated for channel growth thanks an offense I see on the next

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LG G7 The Best Smartphone 2018 Features and Reviews - ScamShouters

Features and Reviews of LG G7

LG G7 The Best Smartphone 2018 Features and Reviews - ScamShouters

  1. The Front of new LG G7 2018 will be Glass (Gorilla Glass 5) and Aluminium Frame.
  2. The Best Upcoming Smartphone 2018 coming with Super AMOLED FHD+ large screen.
  3. LG's next flagship G7 coming with 5.8 inches frameless large display size.
  4. The resolution of new LG G7 2018 will be 1440 x 2960 pixels and 18.5:9 aspect ratio screen.
  5. The Best Smartphone of 2018 LG G7 will work performed under most updated operating system Android 8.0 oreo.
  6. LG G7 2018 will work on board under most powerful processor system Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, and also Adreno 630 GPU (Most Updated Graphics Card for Smartphone).
  7. The machine will support Micro SD card slot up to 256 GB.
  8. The new upcoming Smartphone LG G7 2018 coming with 4/6 GB of RAM and 64/128 GB of Storage.
  9. LG G7 2018 will have 16MP rear dual camera, f/1.7, OIS, PDAF, Dual-LED Flash,a 13MP Front Camera with f/1.7, 1440, 3.5mm Audio Jack, and USB 3.1 Type C.
  10. The price and release date of LG G7 2018 is not officially announced, it is expected that it will be launch in Q1 2018, and it will price around $550 US dollars.
  11. The fingerprint scanner of LG G7 2018 will be mounted at the back of the panel.
  12. LG G7 2018 will support fast battery charging (quick charge 4.0) and 3900 mAh non-removable Li-Po battery.
  13. The new LG G7 2018 will receive IP68 Certified, Dust/Waterproof resistant.
  14. If you like this concept design of LG G7, please share and comment. 

LG G7 Introduction