Sunday, April 16, 2017

Scam review of is it legit or scam?

Scam review of Ethtrade is the team where they have the good and high skilled professionals.And their goals is to promote and popularize with the grow of Ethereum platform and community.And it is also the new generation of cryptocurrencies.Here they set up their trading company called Ethtrade to participate with the managing the investment assets, as well making the profits of with the advantage of volatility in the markets.

Ethtrade Review – Is Ethtrade a Scam or Legitimate? Read Before You Invest

Compare Ethtrade 

Traders of the Ethtrade company operated the currency pairs like ether/btc or ether/usd offering the increase of your initial investment up to 20% on the monthly basis with their financial management service on the Ethtrade platform.This is possible immediately when you open the account and make the investment.

More about Ethtrade check here 

What is Ethtrade & how it works?

Ethtrade is the company and which has the team of professionals financial managers, market traders and experienced developers who have joined and forces to participate in the exchange with the attracting investment assets as the Ethereum is popular now.

Is Ethtrade is registered a company?

Ethtrade company was officially registered in Hong Kong, to familiarize yourself with the documents click here.

How to start with the Ethtrade?

Its simple you need to register to Ethtrade to make the investment and earn the profits daily.

What is the minimum amount to start with Ethtrade?

The minimum amount to deposit is $10 and the maximum is $30,000.

Which payment processors do Ethtrade use?

As of now they allow just bitcoin in future they are allowing the more payment processors to make the deposits and withdraws.

What is the profits you can earn monthly?

Your profit is accrued on a daily basis, Monday through Friday, based on the results of trade and is on average 15% to 25% per month which is the good amount of returns on your investments.

Site status: Active & paying

Note: Guys this site is legit since 1 year and paying to their members on time so guys i am monitoring this site from the day one and it's genuine.If anybody finds if this site turn scam means please comment it below.and avoid losses 


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