Sunday, April 16, 2017

Scam review of is it legit or scam?

Scam review is the cryptocurrency industry which is the trending market at present.They are big amounts which are accumulating and making enrich to everyone, wereWell this Bitraise is the high-risk where you can earn the steady income which provided trough the knowledge on the market.

How do we gain profits from Bitraise?

Now they are good at the trading in the market of cryptocurrency yourself with the limited balance to trade and we cannot make the big deals it's a tough to make trading without having the knowledge of the market movements.In such cases, you can make the investment with the Bitraise make the profits and earning with the stable & confident by trusting Bitraise.

More about Bitraise

What is Bitraise and how it works?

Bitraise is the fully licensed European union based investment company, worldwide which allows members to participaite worldwide and invest with capital on the bitcoins market place.

Firstly you need the choose the Bitraise investment plans and make the deposits to gain the daily profits depends on the investment plan and the amount of your investment you will get it after the expiring date according to your investment plan.

How to start with Bitraise?

Its simple first you need to open the account here by signing up and choose the investment plans and deposit accordingly and get the profits daily.

What is the minimum amount to deposit at Bitraise?

The minimum amount to deposit is $10 

What are the investment plans do they offer?

They are offering four investment plans such as follows: 

  • STARTERINVEST:  Investment time: 10 days Profit: 10% Daily Amount: $10-100$
  • ADVANCEDINVEST: Investment time: 30 days Profit: 12% Daily Amount: $100-2500$
  • BUSINESSINVEST: Investment time: 60 days Profit: 14% Daily Amount: $2500-5000$
  • INVEST: Investment time: 100 days Profit: 20% Daily Amount: $5000-10000$.

Affiliate program from Bitraise

You can refer the members as much as you can by promoting your referral links or the banners by doing the email marketing and more get the referrals as much as you can and earn the referral commissions on 4 deep levels 12% LEVEL 1 10% LEVEL 2 7% LEVEL 3 5% LEVEL 4.

Site status: Active & paying 

Note: This site is too risky so the risk investors can take the advantage and start making money here at Bitraise.If this site turn scam means please leave a comment below it will help other members to understand of the site's background if its scam or legit


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