Sunday, April 23, 2017

Scam review is it legit or scam

Scam review is the limited company and registered United kingdom company house 10720571 and they deal with the bitcoins and now the are giving the chance to make bitcoins online without and hard work.And their main purpose is the make to run for the long term with the stable business which keeps the members happy by sharing the profits. Review – Paying HYIP or SCAM?

As all would be knowing the bitcoin price in today market it's boosting like the market and may touch for $2000 per bitcoin.So Coinexpro is making the good profits for all the investors around the globe so every body can join and make the profits from the stable source of online income.

How to join Coinexpro?

Its simple to join the Coinexpro site as its a bitcoin investment site so you can sign up here and make the investments and get 10% profits daily & for a lifetime.

What is the payment processors do they accept?

Well, they accept just Bitcoin as the payment processors.

Why choose Coinexpro?

This site is most transparent and they have built their reputation online by paying instantly and on time without any delay.

  1. Earn 10% daily on your investments.
  2. Hourly earnings 
  3. Instant withdraws
  4. No hidden fees and highly secured site.
  5. Legitimate Company.
Site status: Active & paying

Total members: 11813

Total deposited: 418 BTC

Total paid: 72 BTC

Note: According to me the site is a bit risky as they are paying 10% daily so we must monitor this site closely let's see how long they will survive online stay tuned for more updates.

Conclusion: This site is legit as of now and they are paying if you found that this site is not paying and when they turn scam means please comment below and avoid future deposits and all new members will be aware of joining and making the investment on this


  1. Replies
    1. its paying but they are paying within 24 hrs

  2. my deposite is still pending while it has been transfered from the wallet.