Friday, April 7, 2017

Scam review of is it legit or scam? is the developed and pre made automated platform for the investors who wanna earn online with traderscrew is the best reliable financial partner which is assures of high degree of the professionalism from their traders and financial experts.Scam review of traderscrew is it legit or scam.

The company has watched the rapid growth of the cryptocurrencey in the market trade and they make the best offer with the best investment for their clients.They are stable and paying daily of 3.60% of income on daily basis.

Is the Traderscrew is registered company?

 Our license number is: SC560878. Full Name: TRADERS CREW LTD registred in Scotland and they are legal,you can check it out here.

How to become the part of Traderscrew?

When you wanna be the part of Traderscrew means you need to make the account here and they you will be the verified member.

What are the payment processors do they accept?

They accept only BitCoin, AdvCash, Payeer and Perfect Money.

What is the minimum amount to deposit?

The miinimum amount to deposit is $10.

What is the minimum amount to withdraw?

The minimum amount to withdraw is $0.50.

What is the affiliate program do they offer?

They offer 10% of the affiliate comission for every memebrs u refer and if they make deposits on all the transactions.

Site status: Active & paying 

Launched 21st march 2017

Total memebrs : 448

Total deposited: $50833

Total withdrawn: $3073

Daily pay rate : 3.6% daily earnings 

Note : Note this site is bit risky for the huge investors & small investors can make profit soon and please lets us know if this site has gone scam or not so the comments below will help other members to avoid further investments.


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