Thursday, April 5, 2018

Dash Cryptocurrency Explained - What you didn't know about Dash Coin

Hey Friends...Today I'm going to talk about Dash Coin Review, that's not my coin brothers and sisters
welcome back to My Name is Awais  and today I want to talk
about - - was one of the biggest gainers of today and I wanted to share with you
five things you probably didn't know about - coming up now before we get
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alright let's get into the video today -one up eleven points 86% already and it
hit it's all all-time high and for that reason, I want to do a video about - here
but five things you probably didn't know about - first thing is obvious it
was developed in January 2014 under the name of the dark coin with one of its key
features dark cent which is later rebranded as private cent basically it
was a trustless mixing service making the transactions more anonymous it was
built on the Bitcoin core base making it compatible with all the exchange
merchants and wallet software that is also compatible with big point number
three the block reward is divided into three separate groups the first group is the
miners which are which accounts for 45%for security reasons the second group is
45% that goes to the master node which is for private sense and instant
since the third group is 10% and that is for the Treasury so that goes out to the
developers to marketers the auditor's number four dashes goal is to make
digital cash super simple and their slogan makes it so simple that even
your mother could do it and the way that I see it if they keep up with this I
think they have a really good shot at making it really big and right now we're
getting into more adoption with you know bitcoin and blockchain technology and me
think as soon as Dash and other coins as well kick up their marketing
campaigns and their brand name they will go really high in market capitalization
as well because for me right now I hear everybody talking about Bitcoin like a
year ago nobody really knew what it was and now everybody's an expert and the
thing is Bitcoin has done a tremendous job branding itself and big money is
going into Bitcoin right now you know you see it on Wall Street and stuff
like that but points like aetheriumripple - they don't really have this you
know most people that know about Bitcoin like the Baker the neighbor whatever
they know about Bitcoin and blockchainhowever they don't know about - so much
once they figure out that there's more to the whole cryptocurrency space than
just Bitcoin and blockchain you know the door will open for more investors to
come in and put their money in the different kinds of coins so I see good
future and - the more I learn about it the more interesting it is for me I
don't know how you guys see - do you think it's cool do you think it's
bullshit let me know in the comments I would love to have a discussion with you
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