Wednesday, April 11, 2018

YouTube for android now has 'Autoplay on Home' feature

Google's online video service platform YouTube has received a new feature named 'Autoplay on Home' which plays the videos on a user's homepage in a muted state. As per some reports from the Beebom a user can locate the new feature in the Autoplay section of the app's settings menu and it allows the user to set their preference between three options including 'Always on, Wi-Fi only and Off.
The report further suggests that the 'Autoplay on Home' feature will only play the muted videos on YoutTube's home screen and it will not work on video search and subscriber pages. However, the feature is not being rolled out to the masses as of yet and the feature is said to be tested among a closed group of users. That said about the Autoplay feature for YouTube, we will keep you updated with the further information related to this feature so stay tuned with us.
Also, in one of our recent articles related to Google, we covered that, Google has recently made it easy for its user base to use emoji on desktops. We all might have seen that the desktop operating systems today have a way to bring up a special emoji/symbols which are usually hidden behind a key combination, however, it's not very accessible for the average user. Read the complete story here.
We also covered Google is working on a Drag and Drop links in Chrome for Android. As per some reports from the web, Google is testing a gesture to drag and drop links in Google Chrome for Android. Google is testing the new feature whose title is 'Implement touch drag drop link element behind a flag' and it will allow a user to drag and move the link or a specific image in the Chrome app on Android. Read the complete story here
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